How to become a laboratory technician in India

If you are up for diagnosis of conditions, diseases or illnesses through medical tests, a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology is an interesting career for you. As a laboratory technician you need to carry out the tests and evaluate the samples for the presence of disease causing microorganisms in a patient’s body. Though you do not interact with the patient directly, you get to work on the samples sent by them after recommendation of certain tests by the consulting doctors.

What is Medical Laboratory Technology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology is a healthcare-related course that works with numerous clinical samples to gather data on a patient's health to aid in disease diagnosis and treatment. The course, Bachelor's of Medical Laboratory or Technology (BMLT), covers a wide range of medical science topics, including anatomy and physiology of the human body, which deals with many kinds of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi as well as the immune system's function in maintaining human health and battling disease.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) is a 2 year diploma course done after class 12 for skill development in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases with the help of clinical lab tests. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) Course has various specializations to offer its candidates such as: Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Radiology, Genetics etc.


Medical Laboratory Technology Skills and Attributes

A Medical Laboratory Technician needs to be focused and disciplined with their area of work. They deal with sensitive chemical components which produce critical results for the benefit of a patient’s health, but may also prove detrimental if handled callously. Therefore, attention to detail and a focused mind is a must for those pursuing a career in Medical Laboratory technology. 

It is also crucial for medical laboratory technicians to be able to maintain a calm composure without getting influenced by stress at work, as they also need to conduct research, complete tasks quickly & accurately, make analytical judgments, evaluate technical/scientific data, and know how to utilize lab equipment & computers to process lab results.


Medical Laboratory Technology Job Prospects

Medical technologists are an integral part of the medical profession. These professionals get involved in the practical and technical work to aid correct diagnosis and effective functioning of Biochemical Laboratories.

The career prospects in this field depend on the academic and technical skills of the technologist/technician. Initially one joins a laboratory as a certified medical laboratory technician, and advance their career in senior roles through experience. 

These days, with the growth in the private healthcare sector, we have an increased number of private hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks, pathology laboratories, etc. As a result, the demand for laboratory technicians is on the up-swing.


Career Opportunities

This is a professional course which is among the most sought-after job oriented courses under paramedical sciences. The scope of Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) and Diploma in Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) is vast and numerous.

Laboratory technician (both government and private)

Lab manager

JRF under various research laboratories

Clinical instructors


Lab attendant

On higher studies one can acquire the position of assistant professor, professor, research scientists etc

With adequate knowledge and experience, Medical Laboratory Technologists can advance to supervisory and senior management positions in laboratories and hospitals. They can also work as Laboratory manager/Consultant/supervisor, healthcare Administrator, Hospital Outreach coordination, laboratory information system Analyst/Consultant, educational consultant / coordinator etc.


How to Enroll?

Enrolling in Medical Laboratory Technology takes commitment and desire to serve for the people’s good. In Assam as well as outside, there is ample scope of taking up Medical Laboratory Technology as a rewarding career. 

Under the PEWS Group of Institutions, the College of Physiotherapy & Medical Sciences offers Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) and Diploma in Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT). 

It is affiliated with the Srimanta Sankardev Institute of Health Sciences, Government of Assam. 

To enrol in the PEWS College of Paramedical Sciences, one can visit the official website of the PEWS Group of Institutions ( where all the details related to Medical Laboratory Technology courses are mentioned.


(10+2) Science with PCB, minimum 50% marks and 45% marks for SC/ST/OBC/MOBC

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