Medical Courses to pursue after 12th instead of MBBS

What to study after 12th?

This the most common question among students studying in 12th standard. Majority of students, right after their 10th exams are expected to diligently choose a specific stream of studies and start planning for their career in advance. But the reality is that a great deal of students remain confused about the potential career paths, employment opportunities available, etc. Without knowing which career path to pick, it becomes extremely difficult for students to decide what kind of higher studies they should opt for.

The increasing number of career options and the need to follow one's passion is not helping anyway. Also not having proper information about the courses available in India and their career prospects, is somewhere responsible.

Whenever choosing a course, it is crucial for students to understand that their choice of studies is not about convenience. Rather, it should be a highly motivating choice for the students based on their interests, aspirations, and goals. There are numerous UG & PG career options available after 12th, of which students can choose according to their area of interests.

Given below is a list of courses that can be helpful for students in making an informed choice aligning with their interest and career aspirations after their 10+2 level. These are also some of the best career choices for those who aspire to join the healthcare sector, but without qualifying for MBBS degree.


Laboratory technician -

A Medical Laboratory technician is a skilled professionals specialized in the diagnosis of various diseases by performing tests on blood and other body fluids.There are both UG & PG courses available in this specialization.

Bachelor of Science in Optometry -

It is a 3 year course which trains students to  provide services such as refraction and prescription, detection, diagnosis, and management of eye diseases, as well as rehabilitation of conditions affecting the visual system.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology -

The Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (DOTT) is an Operations Theatre Technology curriculum at the Diploma level. This programme prepares candidates to work as dependable technologists in the operating room alongside other healthcare team members.

Physiotherapy -

One of the most sought after field in healthcare industry. There are mainly 3 courses available in India -  BPT, BPT- LE & MPT.  BPT has a four-year curriculum term, and students must perform a six-month internship after the completion of the course. Whereas, MPT is a 2 year post-graduate programme, falling under the category of Medicine and Allied Science.

Several international as well as reputed domestic companies look for applicants with additional credentials as opposed to their regular bachelor’s degree. Therefore, these alternate courses in the field of medicine and allied healthcare have become increasingly popular and high in demand in the job-sector.

It is advisable to students to establish a purpose in their life based on their interests and skills, before selecting any degree. This way, their purpose or the goal will serve as a catalyst for their profession after completing their studies. One should keep in mind where they want to be in a few years before finishing. Your aptitude will aid you in selecting a programme that will comfortably match your preferred professional path

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