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The field of Paramedical studies isn’t a new one in India, but has gained more importance in recent  times. In the word Paramedic, “Para” means ‘next to’ and “medic” means ‘Doctor’. This implies that they are medical professionals who are next to Doctors    in treating patients in times of emergency.

Paramedic professionals work alongside doctors and other healthcare staffs to aid in the medical treatment of patients under various circumstances.

Career Scope of Paramedics in India

The road less travelled is a road worth taking. As mentioned in the beginning, Paramedical studies is not a new profession, but the field has gained massive importance in recent times, in light of huge demand for skilled healthcare workers in the nation.  . Due to the high demand of paramedic professionals in the medical sector with ample job opportunities, it  is worth pursuing a Paramedical course in India. These are the five reasons why one should opt for this course.

  1. Rewarding and Fulfilling career

Paramedics is a profession which is truly rewarding as it involves helping others by giving them proper treatment and care at times of emergency. They are also the first medical professionals to start the treatment of an emergency patient.

  1. High Demand

As per a 2018 report published by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, there will be up-to 4 crore new jobs in healthcare by 2025. So there is a high demand for allied healthcare professionals or Paramedics.

Apart from the gradual surge in demand for healthcare professionals projected in pre-covid times, the pandemic phase truly reaffirmed the urgent need for skilled healthcare professionals in the nation, and has accelerated the need for more healthcare workers.


  1.  Shorter course duration

Paramedic courses aren’t as long and arduous as that of a MBBS degree. Paramedical courses are relatively shorter in duration and come in a diverse range of options - from certificate & diploma courses to degree courses. This implies the tenure of a paramedical course can range from a period of 6 months to 3 years, depending on the course opted for. Students can pursue paramedical studies after their 12th exams.


  1. Multiple career paths

There are a plethora of fields in which one can extend their Paramedical studies. One can get into various specializations such as Medical Lab Technicians, Operation Theatre Technicians, Dialysis Technicians, X-Ray Technicians and Emergency Medical Technicians and so on.

Aspirants   can opt for these courses, get trained and earn a certificate to start the journey of becoming a Paramedical professional.

  1. Good Pay

A professional in the field of Paramedical Science can earn anywhere between INR 2,00,000 - 10,00,000 per annum. This can increase with the relevant amount of experience and expertise.


  1. What are the Qualities of a Paramedic student?Ability to stay calm under pressure

A Paramedic can encounter critical moments and situations which demands a great amount of patience. Being a Paramedic, one should carry optimum patience and maintain calmness on the job in order to successfully aid in the medical treatment of the patient, especially during emergency situations. .

Being a Paramedic, one should not get carried away by stressful situations. This is an important trait to work on.

  1. Must be able to communicate efficiently

A Paramedic should be a skilled communicator as this job involves collaboration and coordination among different departments.

As a Paramedic, one should be able to communicate effectively as the communication does not only happen between the patient or his family but also with the other members of the emergency medical services such as the co-workers, dispatch, nurses and other hospital staff.

  1. Being Adaptable

It is impossible to predict emergencies , disaster or accidents. So, as a Paramedic student one should be able to handle each and every situation with sufficient calm and presence of mind. The situations can be varied and to tackle them one should cultivate the quality of blending in any situation and come out with a solution.  To put it simply, thinking on your feet is a must-have trait in a paramedic student.

  1. Having Empathy


Working in the healthcare sector comes with a unique set of challenges unlike no other profession. Dealing with critical patients who are suffering from pain and trauma requires an empathetic stance. As a paramedic student, one should be ready to face such circumstances and be mindful in their approach while dealing with patients and their family members.   Being empathetic towards the patient gives the patient hope to recover quickly.


The  courses offered by PEWS College of Paramedical Sciences are - 

  1. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)
  2. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT)
  3. Diploma In Operation Theatre Technician (DOTT), and
  4. Bachelor of Optometry (B.Optometry)


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