Career in Medical Laboratory Technology - An Overview

Healthcare is one of the most sought-after sectors to work in. And not every job in the medical industry requires a MBBS degree. Apart from nursing, paramedical courses such as Medical Laboratory Technology is a popular option among Science students, as the course offers a fairly broad scope of employment opportunities.

Laboratory Technicians work alongside doctors to save lives and the demand for trained laboratory technicians is increasing day by day, especially after the pandemic outbreak in 2020. The past two years have reinforced the need of trained medical professionals in the sector, putting Medical Laboratory Technicians into the spotlight.

Who are Laboratory Technicians:

Medical Laboratory technicians are skilled professionals specialized in the diagnosis of various diseases by performing tests on blood and other body fluids. A laboratory technician is mostly responsible for performing various mechanical and technical medical tests using various equipment to provide data on patients' health.

Why choose Medical Laboratory Technology after 10 + 2?

**  Multiple work opportunities- Skilled Laboratory Technicians are always on demand. Laboratory Technicians have ample career opportunities they can choose from based on their interests. Various organisations and facilities, both corporate and government bodies including hospitals, clinics, pathology labs, diagnostic centers, etc hire laboratory technicians.

** Provides job Assurance - In the past decade, the employment rate for lab technicians witnessed a steady growth at 11 percent, creating more than 11000 new jobs in the sector. This number is anticipated to accelerate further in the post-covid era, where the demand for medical professionals like lab technicians have already gotten higher and will keep on increasing owing to the growing pace of healthcare infrastructure being setup, especially in rural areas of the nation.

** Flexibility of Workplace - Depending on the organization and area of interest, a Lab Technician may choose to work in any work environment under a clinic, hospital or a diagnositc centre. With years of experience in the field, one can also opt for running their own diagnostic centre.

**Scope of future specialization - If interested students can advance their studies by opting for higher education such as a Masters in Laboratory Medicine.


Career Opportunities :

A laboratory Technician has immense scope in terms of both career growth and opportunities available in India, in the field of medical laboratory technology. Interested candidates may choose to explore the best suited area under the field of medical laboratory technology as per their preferences.

A Laboratory can enjoy working in various range of establishments which include -

** Lab Technician

** CT Scan Technician

** Operation Theatre Technician

** MRI Technician

** X-Ray Technician

** Dental Medicine Technician

** Pathology Technician

** Optical Laboratory Technician

** Renal Dialysis Technician

** Radiology Technician


How to Become a Lab Technician :

There are specific actions you must initiate in order to succeed as a lab technician. This primarily entails choosing the appropriate course of study, getting ready for the entrance examinations, picking the appropriate university or institution with good curriculum and placement services, etc. There are various options available in India where students can study Laboratory Technician based on their preference.

PEWS College of Paramedical Sciences offer two courses on Laboratory Technician.

** Diploma in Medical Laboratory (DMLT)

Duration - 2 years

Eligibility - (10+2) Science with PCB


** Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT)

Duration - 3 Years

Eligibility - (10+2) Science with PCB


Conclusion -

Laboratory Technician is a satisfying yet challenging field that combines healthcare, science, and technology altogether. Laboratory Professionals are among the most crucial branches of healthcare industry. As a matter of fact, the entire medical field relies on accurate diagnosis of diseases taken by lab technicians. With the increasing demand for skilled laboratory technicians nowadays the competition has also increased. But it is still one of the most chosen field to venture into the healthcare industry, and is a great alternative for students who wish to build a career in medical field without a MBBS degree.


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