Career Options in healthcare outside hospitals

In case you weren't aware, healthcare is not the same as the study of medicine! It’s a much broader term including a variety of functions and services related to the health and management of ‘Care-Work’. 

So, keeping the above fact in mind, can we say that all healthcare jobs are only confined to hospitals?  Not at all. The Healthcare industry has an uncountable number of jobs. It is true that any service under the realm of healthcare are catered to 'patients', who are ideally treated at. Hospitals. However, contrary to popular belief, patients can also avail various healthcare services at health centers (not hospitals), or other facilities with similar provisions. All patients may not be acutely ‘ill’. They may have chronic conditions which require supervision or need long-term rehabilitation, physical therapy, counseling, etc. Therefore, if you are studying physiotherapy, nursing, lab technician, psychology or any other subject, you can certainly explore jobs in the healthcare sector, that may not necessarily lead to employment with a hospital.

The medical field is a vast arena. There are many untapped professions in the healthcare sector, which offer a very good pay scale and have bright career  prospects. Therefore, it is definitely a wise choice to look beyond the traditional career options. This way, you get to explore a new field and carve a niche for yourself. What are the ‘Care-Work’ Jobs in the Healthcare Industry?  

Here are some examples:

  • * Support Workers
  • * Pharmacists
  • * Occupational Therapists
  • * Nursing
  • * Child Psychologists 
  • * De-addiction experts
  • * Community Care Officers
  • * Disability Care Management
  • * Community Health


Here are some important specializations:

  • * Sports medicine (these professionals also accompany teams that travel globally)
  • * Physiotherapists specializing in Sports Injuries
  • * Movement Specialist (post-trauma treatment)

Modern healthcare and medicine is an enormously fertile ground for a variety of occupations. You have a variety of possibilities if you are determined to pursue the noble career of serving humanity. However, it is important to note that each of these careers are demanding, and require you to rise to the occasion as and when it is necessary; because at the end of the day, you will be dealing with human life.  Healthcare professionals are committed to their jobs and they are aware of the ups and downs that come with it. If your desire to contribute to the wellbeing of people outweighs the challenges of the healthcare industry, you should definitely consider the various rewarding career options in healthcare outside medicine and other traditional roles.

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