College of Physiotherapy & Medical Sciences​

Affiliated to : Gauhati University & Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences, Govt. of Assam, Recognized & Approved by : Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) & Govt. of Assam

About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy was introduced in India in the year 1952. This healthcare profession is one of the most popular and primary requisite of well being. Although it has been more than five decades since its introduction in our country, the awareness is gradual and in recent years there has been a tremendous growth in the scope of physiotherapy. The profession has immense potential for development in the coming years.


  • Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) – 2 years, Intake Capacity – 30 Nos.
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) – 4 1/2 Years, Intake Capacity – 80 Nos.


  • MPT– 50% marks in BPT
  • BPT– 10+2 Sc. with 45% marks in PCB and 40% for SC/ST


Nowadays Physiotherapists works in multifaceted role in various fields:
  • Hospital: In Patient Department and Out Patient Department, Intensive Care Unit, Pain/ Palliative Care Unit, Back Schools, Specialized Rehabilitation Departments (Orthopaedics, Neurology, Cardiology, Sports, Medicine etc.). Physiotherapy Department Managers, Physiotherapy Department Administration.
  • In Healthcare Centres and Private Clinics.
  • In Rehabilitation Centres and Special Schools : Mentally challenged/ Cerebral Palsy/ Homes for the Aged/ Spastic Society & Homes and Autism Centres.
  • In Industry : Ergonomist/ Industrial Therapist
  • In Sports Club/ Team Physiotherapist
  • In Academic/ Educational Fields : Physiothera py Colleges, Sports Rehabilitation Centers, Physical Educational College. There is boom for Physiotherapy Profession in USA, UK, especially in Europe and Gulf Countries.
  • Establishing own Clinic : A Physiotherapiest can also practice by establishing his/ her own Physiotherapy Clinic.


Physiotherapy is a patient centered profession which views human movements as central to the health and well being of individual. Physiotherapy involves the use of physical means to prevent and treat injury as a disease, rehabilitation following impairment and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The types of treatment used, include therapeutic exercise, manual therapies (manipulation and therapeutic massage) and physical agents. (Water, Ice, Heat Electricity etc).


The overall goal of the college is to make the maximum possible contribution towards extending and changing the quality of physiotherapy professionals to the society. The course aims:-
A. To render adequate theoretical and practical knowledge and foundation in basic Pre clinical subjects.
B. To develop proficiency in the diagnosis and recognition of basic physiotherapy methods and techniques with sound theoretical basis and application of rational allied sciences.
C. To develop quality to evaluate the disability status and diagnosis of patients using methodology of physical and electro diagnosis.
D. To acquire competency in planning and imparting appropriate physiotherapeutic measures towards preventive, curative, symptomatic, restorative and rehabilitative goals independently to the management of diseases , trauma and dis-functions.
E. To encourage research programmes in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
F. To train for moral and ethical code of conduct in professional practice in a dedicated way, with patients’ welfare as the primary responsibility.
G. To develop confidence to bear clinical teaching and administrative assignment and continue the knowledge further in the field of physiotherapy.


After completion of Bachelors Degree Course in Physiotherapy, the students are eligible to pursue Masters Degree Physiotherapy (MPT) and Doctorate in Physiotherapy in India and Abroad. Apart from this they are eligible for Hospital administration, PGDR, MSc (Anatomy) etc. Courses. Physiotherapists are engaged in research to develop more effective treatments and methods of evaluation in order to improve patient care. Cognitive scientific knowledge is the basic key to Physiotherapy, while Psychomotor Skills and Effective Traits constitute the soul of Physiotherapy profession. Researchers from several parts of the world including India are contributing immensely to our knowledge.

The major areas of focus in current Physiotherapy research studies include:
  • Neuromuscular re-education.
  • Musculoskeletal re-education.
  • Cardiovascular and Cardio respiratory.
  • Research Management of Acute and Chronic pains.
  • Kinesiological Biomechanical studies of Human motion in normal and Pathological conditions.
  • Energy costs in Ambulation, Wound healing, both in chronic and acute stages, and much more.


  • WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS : The college conducts regular workshops and seminars on varying topics in order to upgrade the knowledge and manual skills of the students.
  • CME SEMINARS : The college conducts regular Continuous Medical Education Programmes for updating the students with recent devolopement in the field of Physiotherapy.
  • CBR : The College also provides the students with the opportunity to participate in various community based Rehabilitation programme wherein the student interacts with the common people and offer free treatment to the ailing ones.