All the students admitted into any of the courses are required to procure Text Books, Note Books, Laboratory kits etc. at their own cost.
All the students admitted into any of the courses have to wear uniforms is theory class, apron in Laboratory/Workshop practice as prescribed by the Institution concerned, Students have to procure the uniform/dress at their own cost.
1. All the students are subjected to disciplinary control under the head of the institution concerned and all rules and regulation are required to be observed strictly.
2. In case of breach of discipline a student maybe suspended/ back phased or even be expelled from the Institution/ Hostel. Notice for any disciplinary action taken against any student will be served in the noticed board of the respective institutions and to the guardians concerned for information.
3. Student are forbidden to organize Unions or Associations in their Institution. No student is allowed to call or address a meeting in the premise of the institution without prior permission of the authority concerned.
4. A student may be expelled from the institution at any time without assigning any reason on the following grounds:
• When his/ her conduct is found unsatisfactory.
• When deliberate damage is done to the property of the Institution.
• When requisite amount of fees, dues, fines, or any other charges are not paid inspite of warning issued.
• When he/ she is found participating in agitation/ political activities or any other activities detrimental to academic atmosphere of the Institution.
• When found engaged in unhealthy propaganda against the staff of the Institution and the Management.
• When found addicted to alcohol and drugs and talking part in gambling and/ or other immoral activities.
• When found disobeying the existing rules and regulations of Hostel/ Mess Institution, Library and Internal/ External Examination.
• When found engaged in ragging.
• On any other ground that may be against the discipline of the Institution.
• A student may also have to leave the Institution on ground of protracted illness.
Our Colleges & Hostels are Ragging Free Zones. Ragging of any sort is strictly prohibited. Students found guilty of this offence will be liable for severe punishment including expulsion from the Institution/ hostel and the matter will be referred to police as ragging, as it has been declared as criminal offence by the Government.
Leave Rules of the Institution must be strictly followed by the students so as to attain 90% of attendance for each of the internal examinations.
Periodical Report of the students in the field of study, Co-Curricular/ Extra Curricular activities and other performances will be intimated to their respective guardians. The guardians are requested to co-operate with the Management in rectifying the mistakes of their wards, if any, in order to make them disciplined and qualified professionals in their respective courses.As per norms of the Council or University, if there is any lapses in attendance of the students, he or she may not be allowed to appear in the examination.